LGBT Flower pins

Created by Rachel

Subtle LGBT Enamel pins

Latest Updates from Our Project:

I made an oopsy
25 days ago – Sun, Jul 04, 2021 at 05:26:55 PM

So in true Billa Fashion i listed the wrong pin on my etsy, and instead of refunding i decided to just get the pins made 

So introducing the Asexual bee pin! if anyone is interested in it, it is now in production and the pre order is open on my etsy store (if you message me i can grab you a free postage code so you can combine it with the kickstarter so you dont have to pay any extra!. 

My manu estimated another 2-3 weeks for everything to be done and quality checked ( but i always say it may take a little longer encase of any issues !! 


The Washi tape is also here !! 

and a second washi tape (also available on the pre order store ) 

Some more product photos!
29 days ago – Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 10:13:58 PM

Hey guys this is a small update to show some more progress photos from the manufacturer, please note that the lighting on some isnt the best which makes the colours look darker than they actually are. we are only waiting on one more pin to be finished as i needed to order three times the amount of small rainbow pins and rainbow takes longer to make due to the process. 

Rainbow Sakura with pink flowers and glitter

I am honestly ssuper impressed with this one! we went with an epoxy overcoat to protect the glitter! I hope you like it! 

Small 0.5 inch pastel rainbow coloured spacer pins 

Again these make me so happy, the colours came out perfect. 

Sakura branch pins 

The lighting on these arent the best (if you compare to the sunlight picture from the last update you can see how the colours are more softer. 

The bees!

Again the lighting isn't the best in this photo 

Thank you so much again for supporting this project. i am still awaiting some people to do their backerkit surveys! so please please fill them in so i know what pins you want. 

If you missed any of these or you want to buy more i do have a limited stock on my pre order etsy account 


this includes the small spacer pins and what is left of the bees and sakura branches! if you wish to order through there and combine the shipping please contact me and i will give you a shipping discount code so that you dont pay extra shipping 

Billa x

about 2 months ago – Wed, Jun 09, 2021 at 09:26:50 PM

Hey guys! production is going really well so far and ive had a few photos that i can share with you! i am so happy with how they are turning out and i really hope you like them too! 

Small rainbow pins! 

bee mold!

Sakura folowers!! 

I am honestly so happy with the colours they came out so beautiful! I Cant wait to see more and share them with you!! these are just quick manu snap shots! 

Thank you to everyone who has filled out their survey, there are a few more outstanding so if you could please fill them out that would mean a lot to me 

2 months ago – Sat, May 22, 2021 at 11:37:17 AM

Hey guys, all the surveys have gone live VIA backer kit! 

here you can choose what pins you want, ad on extra ad on's that you missed

buy extras from the ad on store ETC 

Theres 7 days left of the surveys being open before they get locked for counting!!! 

Billa x 

We did it!
3 months ago – Fri, May 14, 2021 at 04:38:24 PM

Thank you so so much guys we did it!!! Even though we were around £60 away from unlocking the Bisexual bee pin i have decided i am going to unlock it anyways! 

So whats next! 

We will be doing the survey VIA backer-kit, so you will receive an email about that soon! you will be able to choose which pins you wanted, ( Please make sure to tick if you included any ad ons from the kickstarter list. It will also ask if you included any of the extra 2 inch pins in your pledges! please write down there what ones you would like 

i.E rainbow bee pin. 

Sakura branch bi pin ETC! ( it will all be explained on the form! 


A number of the pins are already in production so i will keep you up dated with any information or pictures i have received! Me and my manufacturer thought it was best to start this already as it means the pins can start production sooner due to the quantity being made

Pins already in production; -

Sakura flower branches; - Rainbow, Transgender, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual, pansexual and nonbinary! 

Small 0.5 inch - Rainbow freebie, red alternative, orange alternative. 


As most of you know with backerkit you are able to  buy items you may have not had chance to during the kickstart itself, and i have a couple of items on there for sale! 

1 - Tracked shipping for UK / International orders. you can add this during check out and your postage will be moved from standard domestic to tracked shipping. l

2- More enamel pins! 

Pin 1 - Rainbow 1 inch Lotus Bee pin. this is a soft enamel pin of a bee sitting on a lotus flower, the metal is rainbow Very limited stock! 

pin 2 - Individual dye struck sakura flower enamel pins in various colours. these are on offer for this kickstarter, they will be in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and 0.5 inches like the Rainbow metal ones. You can by them separate or as a set! 

3- Sticker sets -  there are two sticker sets, the first is the one that is available as an add on here, which is the plain sakura flower in the colour of the flags. and the new second one matches the Bee pins and includes ones that weren't unlocked! 

4 - Washi tape! 

1 - the flower washi tape that was included in this kickstarter ad ons. 

2 - A Pride Bee glitter washi tape that has been added new in backerkit! 

5- GiftWrap! 

So again! please look forward to the survey going out! i cant wait to see what you would all like! thank you for backing me and helping it reach this goal! 

And please can you check your card details to make sure it all went through okay! as some peoples cards have been declined <3 

Billa x